August 13, 2022

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Suffer from Stress? An orgasm is the solution

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Sometimes you can be very tense due to all kinds of circumstances. Busy at work, trouble you must face. Research has shown that it can be very beneficial to use a to have orgasm. After you have had an orgasm you often feel wonderfully rosy and relaxed and you also fall asleep a lot easier. An orgasm therefore often guarantees a good one
night’s rest.

Experience your orgasm alone or with someone together
You can of course have an orgasm through masturbation. For some people that works fine. But of course you can also choose to experience the orgasm together with someone. If you are single you can use our experienced escort ladies. They want nothing more than spoil you. So do you feel tense and stressed and want to release that tension? Then you book an escort girl for a few wonderful hours of erotic relaxation.

Our ladies enjoy it too
It is certainly not the case that escort girls see sex with their clients exclusively as work. Many of them enjoy it too. As one of our escort ladies says: “I love being a man to enjoy. I often have short appointments that are only meant to make a man a good one orgasm. I therefore do not offer the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service. That fits not with me. I often have appointments that last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Many men don’t have so much time. They are often very stressed and want to release that tension. I go to them in one sexy outfit with sexy lingerie and then wait with a drink in my hand what my customer wants. I always greet my customers with a kiss and a hug, that’s how we are intimate right away and it often is easier to switch to sex, because that is what my client desires. ”.

The man sets the pace
The man is the customer, so he sets the pace. Some men want to fuck right away and they can also. Some people like to be erotically massaged first and then let that follow by a happy ending. The escort girl is of course not made of stone and she also enjoys a nice one fuck when it comes out like this. It is by no means always the case that she does her work purely professionally, she often enjoy it yourself. Our escorts service sometimes also need an orgasm to relax. That is why they sometimes masturbate between appointments but they also like to let themselves be by pampering their customer to cum together with him. Would you also like one Want to experience a relaxing orgasm? Order an escort now through our office. You will be sure enjoy it and often think back on it afterwards.

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