September 28, 2022

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How to work safely as an escort during Covid-19?

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Unfortunately, covid-19 cases are on the rise worldwide and this has negatively affected a large number of businesses. Due to the level of contagion, public health officials have enacted a rule that requires all citizens of every country to maintain “social distancing” to protect their health. This leaves sex workers in a very bad position, which has also generated a crisis thanks to the pandemic. If you belong to this industry, we would like to share with you a series of indications so that you can continue to practice your profession safely, being an escort in London during Covid-19.

For the escorts who maintain intimate relationships this blow has been quite strong, they have been very affected due to the cancelled flights that usually bring potential clients from abroad. The vast majority of escort agencies have closed their doors during this pandemic, but those that remain open, are governed by strict rules that both workers and clients must respect. In addition, some have decided to modify their services in order to obtain better protection for both parties. This new normality has generated a virtual era for which these companies have bet on, the video chats, being this medium much safer for everyone. For those people who still work outside this medium, they must comply with some considerations to avoid being affected. It is difficult to know the state of health of all clients, especially when an episode of this magnitude occurs. 


The risk that London escorts run is very high, the chances of contracting the virus are higher, in this job escorts need to meet with people and often have physical intimacy. So as an escort, you must take your precautions. The first thing you should do is to disinfect your hands frequently. Using condoms is not an option, you must use one in every encounter and above all avoid kissing. The client you go with must disinfect himself/herself when going out with an escort. When the client arrives at the hotel, the second thing to keep in mind is that he/she should take a mandatory shower before having any kind of physical contact. This does not mean that it is the definitive solution to avoid contracting covid-19, but it will reduce the probabilities, especially if the client is already sick. It is very important that the client follows all the sanitary norms to protect his health and that of the escort. 

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Since the pandemic started, the number of escorts has reduced considerably, it is true that living in this situation has affected the lives of many people, but it does not mean that escorts will stop working. They will always find new alternatives to continue offering services. Examples of this are video chats and even phone sex. They are quite useful methods that can achieve the goal of satisfaction, however, those escorts who choose to maintain physical contact can also do it. But for this they must follow all the above health rules. It is not only about covid-19, it is about a safety system that avoids contracting other types of infections that cannot be neglected or forgotten. The services of escorts have always played a great role in society, although this is not to everyone’s liking. It will always have great importance and not only that, the escort service, as hard as it may be to believe, brings great benefits to both men and women.